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Celebrate your Birthday & Anniversary with Unprivileged Kids & Make A Difference & Impact.
Tax Benefit

80g Tax Benefit

100% Transparency
Food Packets For 25 kids

Sponsor food packets for 25 unprivileged kids.

Cake and Mini Meals

Sponsor 1.5kg cake, samosa, chocolates, chips and coldrinks for 30 kids and receive pictures, heartwarming wishes videos within 24 hours.

Mini Party for 30 kids

Sponsor 1.5kg cake, samosa, chocolates, chips and coldrinks for 30 kids and receive pictures, heartwarming wishes videos within 24 hours.

Grand Party for 40 kids

Sponsor mega party for 40 children of slum area which includes 2kg cake, coldrinks, full meals, gifts, party popper, balloons, caps, banner of your name etc. Receive pictures, heartwarming wishes videos within 24 hours.

About The Campaign

Celebrate your birthday in the most meaningful way by sharing your special day with underprivileged children. Our unique campaign allows you to bring joy to kids living on the streets and in slum areas through four special packages.

We believe that the donor & the benificary comes first and each and every donation has created a direct impact.

To prove this we sen photographic proof for each donation. If you don’t receive photos of your donation or if your not satisfied your donation, You can get 100% refund.

How It Works
  1. Choose a Package: Select the celebration package that best suits your wishes.
  2. Celebrate: We organize a celebration with the kids, complete with your chosen elements.
  3. Share the Joy: Receive photos and a video of the celebration within 24 hours as a heartwarming surprise on your birthday.
Why It Matters

For these children, your birthday celebration is more than just a party—it’s a day of happiness and hope. The smiles, laughter, and excitement they experience during the event leave lasting memories and create a sense of belonging and joy.

The Perfect Gift

Looking for a unique way to celebrate a special someone’s birthday or any special day? This campaign offers the perfect gift. Instead of traditional presents, give the gift of joy to underprivileged kids. The personalized video of the celebration and wishes from the kids will be a touching and memorable surprise for your loved one, showcasing the profound impact of their special day on the children. It’s a heartfelt way to honor someone by spreading happiness and making a difference.

Make a Difference

Your birthday can be a beacon of light for those who need it most. Join us in celebrating not just another year of your life, but also in bringing joy to children who will cherish these moments forever. Your generosity can turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary celebration of love and kindness.

Celebrate your birthday with a purpose. Share the joy. Make a difference.

We Ensure 100% Transparency With Your Donation